The Situation

Housing affordability is an issue that affects every corner of the country. However regional areas are overlooked.

The Problem

Regional areas experience the added pressures of being overlooked by both State and Federal funding housing affordability programs, that don’t meet the needs of the country’s many smaller cities and towns.

This gap is of growing concern as Central Queensland is facing a “perfect storm” that will see more and more families squeezed out of rental markets.

Current Situation In Queensland

Compounding matters is that forecasts for social and affordable housing demand is calculated using the housing register – as a consequence, many people and families are just not getting counted. If you’re homeless, chances are you’re not in the register. If you’re working but facing eviction, you’re not in the register.

This squeeze on housing supply means that no property in the region can be considered “affordable” any longer. Crisis accommodation – once only a temporary solution – has become medium- to long-term. Overcrowding with 3 to 4 families in a 1-family home is not uncommon.

1000+ people on the waiting list

Approximately 1000 people on the waiting list for housing in Rockhampton alone.

High rates of homelessness

One of the highest rates of homelessness and housing stress in the State.

Low levels of affordable solutions

Low levels of affordable and social housing development – the number of social housing properties has actually decreased in regional Queensland over the past 5 years.

Low vacancy rates

Sustained low vacancy rates for private rentals between 0.02 – 0.04% for the past 2 years.

High demand for housing

High demand for housing anticipated as a result of major infrastructure projects in the Region, pricing out those who are barely able to afford.

Seasonal employment

High rates of casual, part-time or seasonal employment.

Emergency accommodation

Over 30% of requests for emergency accommodation are from women and families affected by domestic and family violence.

The Solution

Our intent is to attract community and corporate investment into both the housing solutions and homelessness services across the housing continuum.

Why Is This The Solution?

"We will do this by actively fundraising to attract donations, and corporate and social investment in solutions and funnel these funds into projects that will achieve the outcomes we are looking for."

This complex issue demands a multi-pronged approach that is sustainable and well-supported by housing providers and the construction industry to ensure that projects are cost-efficient and that savings are returned to the right people – those providing homelessness services and community or affordable housing.

We also recognise that many homeless people in the region simply do not have a voice – we want to give them a voice and empower the community to do something about the escalating situation.

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Social and Economic Benefits for the Region

$ 0 M
Direct Economic Impact
$ 0 M
Industrial Impact
$ 0 M
Social Impact Saving Per Year
0 +
Indirect Jobs & 20 Direct Jobs

Why Now?

We can see the “perfect storm” brewing — major infrastructure projects will provide a great source of employment but will place further pressure on housing affordability and availability. We need an injection of affordable housing projects to happen now. And we have projects ready to go.

Why Us?

We have the right people around the table. We have a sustainable model that will ensure projects are managed efficiently and provide ongoing benefits to the community through training programs. The support that the Shelter Collective will provide to housing providers will ensure that housing remains affordable.

We need your help to achieve realistic and achievable housing solutions!