Who We Are

The Shelter Collective is a collaborative group of experienced and highly motivated individuals from Central Queensland representing housing providers, social enterprise groups, construction and training industries, as well as individuals with expertise in project management, government policy and investment.

Our Mission

To provide safe shelter for all. Community-driven collective with the goal of planning and delivering realistic and accessible housing solutions that improve affordable housing available for all people, regardless of their circumstances.

"We saw a problem that could not be ignored, and as a collective, we know we have the ability to put ideas into action".
Conversations started in April 2022, with the collective formed in August 2022 – The Shelter Collective has already provided the following.

Established a Foundational Fund

This fund gives us the ability to fundraise and collect donations and contributions towards the delivery of key projects. This funds is auspiced by the Australian Communities Foundation.

Fostered industry connections

Progress has been made to foster industry connections to assist in providing in-kind essential services.

Fundraising strategy

Developed a fundraising strategy and action plan to ensure sustainability as we grow.

Gained corporate sponsors

Attracted corporate sponsors and private donors who are supporting our efforts.

Engaged State and Federal politicians

Engaged State and Federal politicians who are committed to promoting our work.
Established August...
Executive Founding Members
Founding Members
Fund Raising Goal

We need your help to achieve realistic and achievable housing solutions!