ARC Projects

Renovation and Repurposing of Underutilised Property

Combining underutilised housing stock & traineeship program to increase affordable housing for those who need it most in our community.

The Project

Identifying underutilised or unused property that can be repurposed for housing for vulnerable people. ARC projects focused on achieving four outcomes:

  • Repurposing underutilised property.
  • Facilitating construction training pathways.
  • Negotiating education and employment
    outcomes for tenants.
  • Increasing supply of affordable
    housing options for vulnerable
    people groups such as women over
    55+, single parent families and young people.

ARC – Construction Traineeship & Apprenticeship Pathway

ARC projects will serve as a safe, reliable, and controlled training environment that is able to accommodate trainees or carpenter apprentices. The project ensures renovation costs are kept reasonable, with savings passed along to housing providers who can ensure that housing is affordable.

ARC – Employment Opportunities

ARC projects aim to continue supporting tenants once housed to increase their opportunity to re-engage in the workforce as a purposeful way to help them overcome financial barriers and increase financial independence, confidence and participation in their community.

Social Impact of The Project

Project cost

$500,000 to $2m.

Investment type

Supported housing.

Key outcomes

Vulnerable individuals can access short to medium term, supported rental accommodation to assist them on the pathway out of homelessness.

Social value

Circa $400,000 per person, per year.

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