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Recently formed shelter collective charity working to provide ‘more immediate’ fix to housing crisis

The shelter collective provides fix to housing crisis

Single mum Rissa Blakeley never expected to find herself homeless, living in a hotel room with seven of her children.

“It definitely is [tough], but I’m trying to keep strong for the kids,” she says.

After camping on a friend’s property for a month, Ms Blakeley says rainy weather forced her to reach out to a local charity for help, and she has been living in a Rockhampton hotel for the past two weeks.

The prospect of a more permanent solution for her family is bleak, with at least 1,000 people on the social housing waitlist in the central Queensland region.

It is a story that is becoming all too familiar in regional areas as the housing crisis escalates, but a group of central Queensland organisations has banded together to come up with its own solutions.

Article source abc.net.au.

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